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From sunlight to hydrogen

World leader in the development, industrialization and commercialization of proprietary and patented photoelectrocatalysis technology (PEC) for renewable hydrogen production.

Sunrgyze Technology

Sunergyze has developed a pioneering photoelectrocatalysis technology that, after ten years of research, has been tested for more than 4,000 hours in the pilot plant installed at Repsol Technology Lab.


Photoelectrocatalysis is a technology that allows the direct transformation of solar energy into chemical energy.

In the photoelectrochemical process, renewable hydrogen and oxygen are produced directly from water and sunlight, without the need of any other external energy source. The reaction takes place in one step in a single device, leading to higher energy efficiencies compared to other solar energy based alternatives.


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Repsol begins the study of the potential of photoelectrocatalytic technology.


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Laboratory scale proof of concept with results ahead of the state of the art (28 cm2 cell, TRL4).


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Joint venture agreement

Enagás joins the development to continue scaling up to a pilot plant through the SUN2HY project.


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Project SUN2HY

Design, construction and validation of a new photoelectrochemical cell (TRL5) and demonstration of the technology in a pilot plant (m2 scale, TRL6).



Sunrgyze company Incorporations.

Who we are

SUNRGYZE is a private company focus on the development, industralization, scaling and commercialization of proprietary photoelectrocatalytic technology for competitive production of solar hydrogen.

SUNRGYZE is owned by REPSOL and ENÁGAS, leading Spanish companies in energy projects at international level which are already incorporating renewable hydrogen into their business operations.

SUNRGYZE’s technology is patented and validated at pilot plant scale, having exceeded 4,000 hours of operation in real conditions and relevant environment.

Currently, SUNRGYZE is developing the first pre-commercial demonstration PEC plant, which will be built at the Repsol Industrial Complex in Puertollano and will be operational in 2025.

This technology is one of the 32 projects that the European Commission has selected to receive the impulse of the Innovation Fund Small Scale program .


Technical Advisors

Ana I. Martinez Gonzalez

Engineer and Master on renewables and H2| Specialist in Hydrogen Electrochemical Technologies at Repsol

María Dolores Hernández Alonso

PhD of Science | Expert in Photocatalysis and Photoelectrochemistry at Repsol

Monica Sanchez Delgado

PhD in Chemical Engineering | Expert in Electrolysis and Hydrogen Coordinator at Enagas

Board of directors

Gema Garcia

Repsol Head of Corporate Ventures

Amaia de Manueles

Repsol Investment Manager, Corporate Ventures

Nerea Chacartegui

Enagas Innovation & Entrepreneurship Director

Estela Vilches

Enagas Innovation & Technology Manager


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SUNRGYZE has the objective of promoting the industrialization, commercialization and implementation of a new disruptive technological process which contributes to decarbonization through the efficient use of renewable energies and hydrogen.

If you share these goals, actively participate in the emerging hydrogen economy or are simply interested in our photoelectrocatalysis technology, contact us.


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November 2021



Calle Agustín de Betancourt s/n,
C.P.: 28935. Móstoles, Madrid